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Join people just like you who are already making money in this exciting industry. Whether you are looking for a second income or a full-time living, a vending business, according to Forbes, is one of the easiest businesses to start. If you want a business that you can run at just about any location, 24 hours a day, without having to be there yourself, vending could be the perfect business for you.

A Fixture of the Modern Workplace

What do retail stores, cinema centers, factories, airports, schools, movie theaters, hospitals, arcades, supermarkets, restaurants, office buildings, rec centers, truck stops, parks, rest areas, and many, many more places have in common? All of them are perfect locations for vending machines. Vending machines have become a fixture of the modern workplace. Every office park, industrial building, mom-and-pop grocery store, and mall rotunda has an array of vending machines offering healthy foods, frozen items, cold and hot drinks, snacks, candy, and non-food items like DVDs, electronics, tools, and a whole lot more. Vending machines have it all.

Because of this nationwide popularity, being a vending machine business owner has never been more popular — and thanks to Vending Machine Sales, business startup and machine acquisition has never been easier.

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Trusted Business, Incredible Variety

Vending Machine Sales strives to provide customers with excellent service, fair prices, and outstanding products. Although we don't sell business opportunities, we are currently proud to offer high-quality American-manufactured vending machines to potential owner-operators who are attempting to start a vending machine business but don't know where to begin. Our company offers many different types of vending machines at factory-direct prices, but we also offer creative vendor financing options so that everyone can get in on the party — even if their financial footing is unsteady.

A Price-Match Philosophy for the Savvy Customer

Selling at factory direct prices is not a promise that we take lightly. If, during your search for a suitable vending machine supplier, you manage to find a competitor who undercuts our prices on new machines, we'll match or beat the deal that you found.

Although low prices are an important part of our business, we don't have to undercut the competition to retain customers. Our excellent service staff and responsive financing team provide enough benefit that price usually isn't an issue. Of course, low prices don't hurt — and that's why we offer the best of both worlds.

Easy, Low-Cost Vendor Finance Deals

Our low-cost startup plans are innovative in the sense that we allow customers to pay us back in the long run, after their businesses have taken off. Our customers aren't expected to have the capital for a massive down payment; they're simply expected to take advantage of our excellent deals and pay off the machine over time. Luckily, most vending machine businesses will make money without you having to even get out of bed.

Valuable Communication with Customers

Vending Machine Sales values its place in the industry, and we believe it is our responsibility to educate our customers and show them the way to easy profits. Our monthly newsletter promotions and sales flyers are meant to demonstrate the ease with which our company can turn your life around with our products. Vending machines are proven moneymakers, but it can be tricky to get your hands on one without paying a king's ransom. That's our business — to connect you to the right machine for your situation.

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We've built our success by offering the industry's lowest prices, excellent customer service, a wide variety of reliable and modern machines, and the convenience of our price-match policy. Vending Machine Sales has proudly served its customers and has helped to revolutionize the vending machine industry with its well-received vendor financing options and related programs. 

Contact our company by phone toll free at (888) 314-0649 — or contact us to request a quote and set up a consultation. You can start the process of becoming a profitable vending machine owner-operator business today.

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