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State-of-the-Art Vending Machines

People are like machines. They need lots of fuel to operate efficiently. This fuel needs to be readily available and easily accessible 24/7, and in every place people go. This gives you a ready-made business opportunity -- vending machines.

This can be a full or part-time job, depending on your circumstances. The popularity and necessity of vending machines make this a lucrative venture for an entrepreneur. Reach out to Vending Machine Sales to get started. We have everything from hot to cold and full-size to tabletop vending machines for sale.

Offering a Variety of Machines for Your Success

Today’s machines are so different from those of even a few years ago. In futuristic black with lots of glass, they’re sleek, modern, high-tech, and they take credit cards. You have a clear view of all of the snacks inside and when they’re out of something. And everyone uses them.

Our company offers a wide variety of machines from compact refreshment centers to snack and multipurpose merchandisers to frozen food vending machines in Des Moines, IA. We even have machines that vend healthy drinks and snacks.

Let us help you succeed in your new business. We offer low start-up costs and more than 100 years of experience in the business. Reach out to us by phone or email for more information.

Chill Center Merchandisers

Chill Center Merchandisers vend cold drinks, sandwiches, and cold snacks. You can also choose Dual Zone vendors with adjustable temperature zones for cold and room-temperature drinks and snacks.


Cold & Hot Drink Merchandisers

These merchandisers vend cold drinks in cans or bottles. You're not locked in to Pepsi or Coke products with our combination vending machines, so you can stock them with beverages of your choice.

Black Diamond Series 27 Select Chill Center

cafe express bd


VendRevv Slim Chill

Snack/Multi-Purpose Merchandisers

These versatile merchandisers vend a wide range of products, from snack items and tools to t-shirts and trinkets. We have snack/multi-purpose machines to fit any location.


MP23 Snack Merchandiser

MP32 Snack Merchandiser

MP-40 Black Diamond Series

VendRevv S40 Snack Merchandiser

Black Diamond Series MP-32

Combination Merchandisers

We offer a wide variety of combination vending machines that vend snacks and cold drinks of your choice.

over-under combination snack & cold drink

compact 23-10 combination vendor vending machine

Midsize 32/10 Refreshment Center

VendRevv S52

Large 40/10 Refreshment Center

Large 40/6 Refreshment Center

VendRevv Chill Center 42 Select

VendRevv Elevator Chill Center 28 Select

VendRevv Outdoor Chill 38 Select

VendRevv Slim Chill 24 Select

VendRevv Slim Chill 27 Select

Frozen Food Merchandisers

Specialty Merchandisers

From High-Security Outdoor Merchandisers to Specialty Combo and Tobacco Merchandisers, we have a wide variety of machines to fit your needs.

AutoVend Plus+ Indoor/Outdoor Merchandiser

MP-18 Tobacco Merchandiser

K-TOP Glass Front Coffee Pod Merchandiser

18 Select Laundry Center

Vendrevv laundry

Sani-Center PPE Vending Machine

Sani Center plus ppe vending-machine

Healthy Vending Refreshment Center

Join the health food revolution. Our Healthy Food Vendor is perfect for schools, gyms, hospitals, and health clubs. It vends healthy food, drinks, and snacks of your choice.

Healthy Vending Refreshment Center

MPZ Stand Alone - MUlti-Zone & Frozen Food Merchandizer

MPZ Stand Alone - MUlti-Zone & Frozen Food Merchandizer


  • Vends 28 selections of refrigerated & frozen meals, sandwiches,
    ice cream & deserts
  • Product temperature range of -15 degrees F. through 36 degrees 
  • Credit/Debit card reader ready
  • Electronic coin changer and bill acceptor
  • iVend® product delivery sensor equipped
  • ADA compliant delivery box option
  • Energy efficient & long life LED lighting
  • Health safety on all trays
Selections: 28 Items
Capacity: 305 Items

Dimensions: 72” x 29.5”W x 38”D
Ship Weight:
*724 lb.

Cold & Frozen Food Merchandisers

Our Cold & Frozen Food Merchandisers are perfect for hot days. They vend cold food or frozen items of your choice.

        Frozen Food Merchandisers


Other Products

Find everything you need to make your vending machines more convenient and boost sales. We offer card readers and cashless payment technologies.